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Connect to your Internet and get Arabic, Persian, and Indian channels. No dish to install. Pay once, no monthly bill.

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Welcome to is North America's Trusted TV Entertainment Store retailing IPTV Boxes, FTA Receivers, Free To Air Satellite TV Systems, Satellite Accessories, and more. We've been in business and online since 1998, which likely makes us experts in this industry. 

Over the past 15 years, GOsatellite has helped over 450,000 customers enjoy the benefits of our legal free TV service with a FTA receiver and connected satellite dish or through your high-speed Internet connection with an IPTV receiver. Our customers keep telling us that we offer a great service of free satellite TV with no contact or monthly bill. No matter what kind of channels you are looking for we likely have it available for free. English channels and most foreign nationalities are available through a free to air satellite system or an IPTV Box.

You either found us by doing a search on the Internet or you’ve been referred by a friend. However you got here, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you get some free satellite TV or maybe learn more about the new IPTV receivers that allow you to get free TV by using your high-speed Internet connection. Either way we are here to help.  

You will see a link at top of the website called Learning Center. If you are newbie and want to educate yourself on how this works that would be a great place to start.  We are also available by phone or email through the contact us link at the top of the site. Sponsored Products

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