Pansat 9200 HD Motorized Package

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Another option instead of installing a free to air satellite system is Satellite Direct. It’s a very popular program you run on your computer for a one-time cost of $49. You then have access to 3500+ channels streaming live through your high-speed Internet. You can then connect your computer to the TV for access to all these channels. For more information on this program click here.
Items included with this package:
  • Pansat 9200 HD Motorized Package 1Pansat 9200 HD
    This package features the Pansat 9200 HD PVR FTA receiver. This HD FTA receiver is regarded in the free to air community as the best overall receiver for quality and reliability. The Pansat 9200 has an incredible high definition 1080i picture quality through the HDMI port, USB port for easy factory software upgrades when needed, and a recording feature by connecting an external eSATA hard drive.
  • pansat uhf 50Pansat UHF (U-50) Remote Kit

    The Pansat UHF U-50 remote kit will allow you to control your Pansat receiver in a second room. Simply connect the UHF box to your receiver, then run a cable wire from your receiver IF OUTPUT to a second TV location in another room. You can then use this remote at the second TV location for full control of your Pansat receiver, which means the same channel will be displayed on both TVs at anytime.
  • DVB-S2 Premium KitPansat DVB-S2 Premium Kit
    The Pansat DVB-S2 Premium Kit is a replacement model for the DVB-S2 Plus. It works for both Pansat 9200 HD and TC-1000HD models. This kit allows you to receive DVB-S2 (8PSK) Free To Air channels. The new module allows you to receive all the free to air HD channels available. We have pre-installed and tested the Pansat 9200 before it shipped.
  • 31 inch Satellite Dish31" Satellite Dish
    The 31" free to air satellite dish features the highest quality in design, dual sided galvanized steel, rust proof, and has a baked enamel grey finish. All our satellite dishes are manufactured with constant computerized measuring to maintain quality.
  • Dual Circular LNBs1 x Dual Linear LNB
    The dual linear LNB is designed and tested in Europe to guarantee the best signal strength and quality. You will not find a better quality LNB anywhere as it has an incredible 0.3dB noise figure and 100% compatible with all multi-switches. Dual output LNB will allow you to add a second FTA receiver in the future.
  • Dish MotorSatellite Dish Motor
    The dish motor is the #1 best selling motor in North America. It's designed for any FTA satellite receiver with DiSEqc 1.2 control. It also is powered and controlled by one satellite cable from the receiver to the motor. It's easy to install with an LED indicator, low noise, weather proof, and can move a dish up to 1.2M.
  • Pansat 9500 RemoteRemote Control
  • Audio Video CableAudio/Video Cables
  • HDMI Cable6 Foot HDMI Cable
  • Pansat 9500 ManualUser's Manual